2014 Latin America-U.S. Concept Papers and Presentations

Concept Papers

Capital Market Improvements in Latin America
Juan Andre Camus, Chairman of the Santiago Stock Exchange

The Brazilian Development Bank and Transparency – Contributions from the Paper “Towards a Legal Theory of Finance” of Katharina Pistor
Alexandre Coelho, Researcher, FGV Reito

Extraterritorial Effects of the Dodd Frank Act to the OTC Brazilian Market
Alexandre Coelho, Researcher, FGV Reito

Easing, tapering, and Latin America: The samba has stopped, what will the next dance be?
Richard P. Mattione, Retired Partner, GMO LLC

Insider Trading: X-Ray in the Brazilian Securities Commission
Viviane Mueller Prado, Professor, FGV Direito SP


US Monetary Policy and its Impact on Latin America
Manuel Agosin, Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universidad de Chile

Regulation of the Mexican Financial System
Jaime González Aguadé, Presidente, Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores

Symposium Presentation
Juan Andre Camus, Chairman, Santiago Stock Exchange

Pension Funds Diversification
Alvaro Clarke, Chairman, Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago

U.S. Monetary Policy and Its Impact on Monetary Policy in Chile
Sebastian Claro, Board Member, Central Bank of Chile

Improving Quality of Capital Markets in LATAM
Juan Pablo Cordoba, CEO,Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Pension Funds DIY: A Hands-On Future for Asset Owners
Scott FitzGerald, Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation

Symposium Presentation
Alexandre L. Ibrahim, Vice President and Regional Head Eastern Canada, Latin America, Bermuda, Caribbean Regions, Intercontinential Exchange, NYSE

Pension Fund Diversification of Latin American Assets
Carlos Ramirez Fuentes, Chairman, National Commission System Retirement Savings (COMAR)