2013 Latin America-U.S. Concept Papers

Monetary Policy in the U.S.
Laura Alfaro, Harvard Business School

Tax Reform in Brazil and the U.S.
Devon M. Bodoh and Carlos Eduardo Toro, KPMG

Infrastructure Finance in the United States
William Lindquist, U.S. Treasury

An Overview of Macro Outlook
Henrique Meirelles, Lazard Americas, J&F Investimientos, and Olympic Public Committee

CADE under the new Brazilian Competition Law: Best Practices
Carlos Ragazzo, CADE

U.S. Financial Regulation Post-2008 Crisis: Lessons for Brazil
Hal S. Scott, Program on International Financial Systems, Harvard Law School

The Federal Logistic Investment Program – PIL
Leonardo Lima Chagas, SEAE, Ministerio da Fazenda

The Financing of Infrastructure Improvements in Brazil and the U.S.
Alberto Zoffmann, Itau BBA