2010 Japan-U.S. Concept Papers

The 2010 Financial Reform Act, Federal Reserve Independence, and the Political Economy of Monetary Policy
Thomas F. Cargill, Professor of Economics, University of Nevada, Reno

Deflation: Lessons from Japan
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.

Speech Delivered by Akinari Horii, Assistant Governor of the Bank of Japan, at the High-Level Policy Panel of the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg
Akinari Horii, Special Advisor, The Canon Institute for Global Studies

Fire, Flood, and Lifeboats: Policy Responses to the Global Crisis of 2007–2009
Takatoshi Ito, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo

Toward Vitalization of the Corporate Bond Market
Japan Securities Dealers Association

Consumer Affairs Agency: Potential and Risks
Shigeki Kimura, Cabinet Councilor, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan

New Banking Regulations and Their Implications for International Banking
Hiroshi Kobayashi, Senior Executive Managing Director, Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.

Tetsuya Kubo, Senior Managing Director, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Politics and the Management of the Global Financial Crisis
Richard McCormack, Executive Vice Chairman, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

What Non-U.S. Companies and Financial Institutions Need to Know Now About U.S. Financial Reform
Satoru Murase (et. al.), Partner, Bingham McCutchen Murase LLP

Fed Beware: The Dangers of an Ultra-Loose Monetary Policy
Tadashi Nakamae, President, Nakamae International Economic Research

A Strong Dollar, Yen, and Renminbi: A Cure for the World Economy
Tadashi Nakamae, President, Nakamae International Economic Research

Don’t Bet Against Japan Yet
Alicia Ogawa, Senior Advisor, Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia University

A Review of Regulatory Developments in Japan’s Capital Markets in 2010
Yoshio Okubo, Senior Managing Director and Chief Regulatory Officer, Japan Securities Dealers Association

A Note on Desirable Macroeconomic Policy Mix: From an EMEAP Perspective
Hideaki Ono, Director-General, International Department, Bank of Japan

Nomura Global Weekly Economic Monitor: Global Letters
Paul Sheard, Global Chief Economist, Global Head of Economic Research, Nomura Securities International, Inc.

The Combination of Macroeconomic Policies in Japan
Toshikazu Takei, Senior Executive Advisor, Accenture Japan

New Banking Regulations and Their Implications for International Banking
Tomoyoshi Uranishi, Senior Executive Officer, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

The New Paradigm of Regulation: Enhancing Resources for Regulators
James Walsh, Managing Director, Prisma Capital Partners LP

Hints for Offshore Compliance Professionals from Japan’s SESC 2010 Inspection Program Summary
Christopher Wells, Partner, White & Case LLP

What Is the Best License for a Private Equity or Hedge Fund Manager in Japan?
Christopher Wells, Partner, White & Case LLP

Regulatory Registrations Under Japan’s Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
White & Case LLP