2008 Japan-U.S. Concept Papers

The Impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds on Global Financial Markets
Ronald Beck and Michael Fidora, European Central Bank Occasional Paper Series

Emerging Markets Look to Japan for Fresh Capital
Jaspal Bindra, Financial Times

Financial Distress in Japan and the United States: Similarities, Differences and Implications
Thomas F. Cargill, University of Nevada, Reno

Key Factors in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Andrew S. Carron, President of NERA Economic Consulting

Amid Plunging IPO Activity in 2008, CCMR Finds that U.S. Public Equity Market Competitiveness Continues its Decline
Committee on Capital Markets Regulation

Foreign Funds Agree to Set of Guiding Principles
Bob Davis, Wall Street Journal

Similarities and Differences between Current U.S. Credit Crisis and Japanese Banking Crisis in ’90
Yasuhito Doi, Bayview Asset Management Co., Ltd

Progress of Better Market Initiative
Financial Services Agency

The U.S. Credit Crisis and Japan’s Banking Crisis: What’s the Same, What’s Different and How Can Japan’s Experience Help in Resolving U.S. Crisis?
Hideaki Fukazawa, Tokio Marine Captial Co. Ltd.

Tokyo and London in Small-Cap Push
Jeremy Grant and Lindsay Whipp, Financial Times

Out of Step, but Too Big To Ignore
Sophia Grene, Financial Times

Sovereign Funds Sign Up to Code of Conduct
Krishna Guha, Financial Times

Politics and Economics: Japan Debates Jumping into Sovereign Wealth Pool; Huge Reserves Pile Would Back Fund, A Hit to the Dollar
Yuka Hayashi, Wall Street Journal

Which Asian Model for the US Financial Crisis: Japan’s “Lost Decade” or Asia 1997-98?
Richard Katz, Oriental Economist Report

The U.S. Credit Crisis and Japan’s Banking Crisis: What’s the Same, What’s Different and How Can Japan’s Experience Help in Resolving U.S. Crisis?
Masaakira Kitazawa, Anderson Mori &Tomotsune

Land Valuation during the Bubble Years
Shiziharu Kubono, Life Insurance Association of Japan

Japan Can Learn From U.S. Subprime Problem
Yasushi Kusaka, International Herald Tribune

Japan Moves to Improve Market Climate
Andrew Morse, Wall Street Journal

Call to Set Up Japan Sovereign Fund for Pensions
Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times

Idea of Japanese Fund Rebuffed
Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times

One Way Street? As its companies Expand Abroad, Japan Erects New Barriers at Home
Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times

Pressure Grows for Japan Market Reform
Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times

Tokyo Stock Exchange Agrees to Draft Fresh Takeover Guidelines
Michiyo Nakamoto, Financial Times

TSE Shrugs Off Pitfalls in Quest to be a Hit
Hiroko Nakata, McClatchy, Tribune Business News

Japan, Chicago Join on Derivatives Effort
Serena Ng and Ayai Tomisawa, Wall Street Journal

Japan: TSE to be More Foreigner-Friendly
Masaki Okada, Euromoney

The End is Near!
Joe Peek, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky

Strengthening the Competitiveness of Japan’s Financial and Capital Markets
Takafumi Sato, Commissioner at Financial Services Agency

Kuwait to Lift Japan Exposure
Henny Sender, Financial Times

The Credit Market Dislocation: Putting the Key Factors In Perspective (English and Japanese)
Standard and Poor’s: Ratings Direct, Mark Adelson, Chief Credit Officer

Finance and Economics: Capital Thinking; Japan’s Pension Pot
Kotaro Tamura, The Economist

Japanese Reits Create a New Kind of Practice for Lawyers
Phil Taylor, Asialaw

Creative Destruction and Reorganization: Overcoming the Nash Equilibrium
Kazuhiko Toyama, Chief Operation Officer of the Industrialization Revitalization Corporation of Japan

Japan: Tamura Pushes for a Sovereign Wealth Fund
Lawrence White, Euromoney