2004 Japan-U.S. Concept Papers

The Consolidation of the Financial Services Industry: Causes, Consequences and Implications for the Future
Allen N. Berger, Rebecca S. Demsetz, Philip E. Strahan, Journal of Banking & Finance

Does Function Follow Organizational Form? Evidence From the Lending Practices of Large and Small Banks
Allen N. Berger, Nathan H. Miller, Mitchell A. Petersen, Raghuram G. Rajan, Jeremy C. Stein, Journal of Financial Economics

The Economic Effects of Technological Progress: Evidence from the Banking Industry
Allen N. Berger, Money, Credit and Banking Lecture

Japan Economics: Balance Sheets: Good Start, but Keep Sweating
Robert Feldman, Morgan Stanley

Japan Macro Memo: Stress Testing the New Japan
Jesper Koll, Merrill Lynch

Japan Rising
John H. Makin, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Japan: The Coming Battle Over Japan Post Privatiziation
Medley Global Advisors

Japan’s Competitiveness in the Asset Management World
Ken Yagi, President & CEO, RS Asset Management Japan Co., Ltd