2001 Japan-U.S. Concept Papers

Financial Liberalization, Asset Inflation and Monetary Policy in Japan
Thomas F. Cargill, University of Nevada, Reno

Into the Response Quadrant
Robert Alan Feldman, Morgan Stanley

Financial Restructuring of Japanese Banks and Their Debtors
T.Hatayama, Advisor, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting

Debt Restructuring Through Civil Rehabilitation Law
Hiroyuki Kamano, Partner, Kamano Sogo Law Offices

Breaking into the Bank
Richard Katz, The Oriental Economist

Why Some Japanese Companies Are Vulnerable to Hostile Takeovers?
Arthur M Mitchell, Partner, Coudert Brothers

Why Aren’t Japan’s Banks Making Profits?
Fukao Mitsuhiro, Professor, Keio University

Recent Changes In Corporate Accounting Systems in Japan
Hiroshi Nakachi, Former President of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants

The Regulation of Capital Markets
Takeshi Ohta, Daiwa Research Institute

Financial Restructuring: Which Debt, How Much, and the Range of Choice
William G. Shipman, Principal, State Street Global Advisors

Financial Restructuring: Prescription for Japanese Problem Loans
Akitoshi Takatsuki, Meikai University

Improvement of the Capital Market Regulator
Shozo Yamazaki, Former Board Member of IASC