2014 Europe-U.S. Concept Papers

The Danger of Divergence
Atlantic Council, The City UK, & Thompson Reuters

BRRD: paving the way towards the end of ‘too-big-to-fail’ in the EU
Banco Santander

Transatlantic convergence or divergence, and how to deal with it
Sven Gentner, First Secretary, European Union Delegation to the U.S.

Where are on the EU/U.S. path forward to clearing and SEFs, and can someone please tell me if I need to change direction? 
Adam Chodkowski, head Capital Markets, Asset Management, Swiss Re

Will better regulation and better supervision contribute to a more stable banking sector?
Wim Boonstra & Bouke de Vries, Economic Research Department, Rabobank Nederland

Transatlantic Divergences or Convergences can TTIP make up the difference
Peter Skinner, Member of European Parliament

Transatlantic convergence or divergence, and how to deal with it (TTIP, extra-territoriality, substituted compliance, regulatory fragmentation)
Chris Cummings, CEO, The City UK

Systemic Risk and Asset Management: Improving the Financial Ecosystem for All Market Participants
Barbara Novick, Vice Chairman, BlackRock

Comment letter on IAIS Basic Capital Requirements Consultation
Kevin Nixon, Managing Director, Institute of International Finance
John Fitzpatrick, Secretary General, The Geneva Association

FDIC’s Notice and Request for Comments on the Resolution of Systemically Important Financial Institutions: The Single Point of Entry Strategy
David Schraa, Regulatory Counsel, Institute of International Finance

IIF Senior Accounting Group Position on International Consistency of Accounting Standards
David Schraa, Regulatory Counsel, Institute of International Finance

Memorandum to the Financial Stability Board: Containing Extraterritoriality to Promote Financial Stability
Institute of International Finance

The G-20, five years on
Karel Lannoo, CEO, Centre for European Policy Studies

SIFI designation of Insurance and Other Industries
Kevin Mellyn, President, KL Mellyn Advisory Inc.

EU Bank Resolution
Moody’s Investors Service

Moody’s Concludes Review of Systemically Important US Banks
Moody’s Investors Service

Framing Banking Union in the Euro Area Some empirical evidence
Diego Valiante, Head of Capital Markets Research, Centre for European Policy Studies