2010 Europe-U.S. Concept Papers

Living Wills as a Catalyst for Action
Emilios Avgouleas, Charles Goodhart, and Dirk Schoenmaker, Duisenberg School of Finance

Overcoming Too Big-To-Fail: A Regulatory Framework to Limit Moral Hazard and Free Riding in the Financial Sector: Report of the CEPS-Assonime Task Force on Bank Crisis Resolution
Jacopo Carmassi, Elisabetta Luchetti, and Stefano Micossi, with contributions from Daniel Gros and Karel Lannoo, Unicredit Group

The Subprime Crisis and Financial Regulation: International and Comparative Perspectives
Kenneth W. Dam, Max Pam Professor Emeritus of American and Foreign Law and Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School

U.S. Financial Regulatory Reform: The Investors’ Perspective
William H. Donaldson and Arthur Levitt, Jr., Investors’ Working Group

Regulating Multinational Banks in Europe: An Assessment of the New Supervisory Framework
Guido Ferrarini, Professor of Business Law, University of Genoa

Concept Paper – Crisis Resolution Procedures:  Are We Ready for the Next Crisis?
Stephen Fisher, Director, European and International Affairs, Dutch Banking Association

Resolution and Contagion
Thomas Huertas, Director, Banking Sector, The Financial Services Authority

Benefits of U.S.-EU Financial Market Integration: CESR Mutual Recognition Task Force
Steffen Kern, Director, Banking Financial Markets, Regulation, Deutsche Bank AG

Comparing EU and U.S. Responses to the Financial Crisis
Karel Lannoo, CEO, Centre for European Policy Studies

Regulatory Reform to Deal with a Financial Crisis
Phillip L. Swagel, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

The International Organization of Securities Commissions: Coordinating Securities Regulators’ Response to Managing Systemic Risk in a Post-Crisis World
Greg Tanzer, Secretary General, The International Organization of Securities Commissions

The Institutional Reforms of the European Financial Supervisory System: An Interim Report
Eddy Wymeersch, Chairman, The Committee of European Securities Regulators

EU-U.S. Financial Markets – Need for Cooperation in Difficult Times
Capital Markets Working Group (CMWG) of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD)