2009 Europe-U.S. Concept Papers

As Banking ‘Fairy Tale’ Ends, Iceland Looks Back to the Sea
Charles Forelle, The Wall Street Journal

Let’s Get the Bank Rescue Right!
R. Glenn Hubbard, Hal Scott, and Luigi Zingales, The Wall Street Journal

The Federal Reserve as Lender of Last Resort during the Panic of 2008
Kenneth N. Kuttner

Turning Risk Management into a true competitive advantage
Gunnar Pritsch, Uwe Stegemann, and Andrew Freeman, McKinsey & Company

UK Hand Not Silent in Bailout
Sara Schaefer Munoz and Alistair MacDonald, The Wall Street Journal

Crisis Mismanagement casts ECB as savior
Nikki Tait and Ralph Atkins, Financial Times

A Black Swan in the Money Market
John Taylor, Stanford University and John Williams, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

On the Effectiveness of the Federal Reserve’s New Liquidity Facilities
Tao Wu, Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas