2002 Europe-U.S. Concept Papers

Aging and International Capital Flows
Axel Boersch-Supan, Alexander Ludwig and Joachim Winter

The Rationale for Fundamental Pension reform in Germany and the United states: An Assessment
Gary Burtless

Draft Standard and Basis for Conclusions on Financial Instruments and Similar Items
International Banking Associations Accounting Committee

Will Convergence of Financial Disclosure Standards Change SEC Regulation of Foreign Issues?
Roberta S. Karmel

Towards a Common European Disclosure Approach
Karel Lannoo

The Best and Times and the Worst of Times: Lessons from Recent Reforms of the French Retirement System
Kathryn L. Moore

Disclosure in Global Securities Offerings: Analysis of Jurisdictional Approaches, Commonality and Reciprocity
Marc Steinberg and Lee Michaels

Mailing It In: European Union Efforts at Pension Reform
Michael K. Stransky

Implementation of International Disclosure Standards
Samuel Wolff