2015 China-U.S. Concept Papers and Presentations

Concept Papers

The Emerging New Asian Economic Disorder: Fault Lines, Fissures, Fractures and Failures
David Asher, Principal, Vital Financial LLC

China Capital Markets Access and Chinese Financial Firms Going Abroad
Simon Gleave, Regional Head of Financial Services, KPMG Asia Pacific

The Myth of Currency Manipulation
Richard Katz, Editor, The Oriental Economist Report

Thoughts on the Issue of U.S. firms’ Access to China’s capital markets and Chinese financial firms’ going abroad
Albert Keidel, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

Why China Can Continue Strong Growth
Frank Newman, Chairman, Promontory Financial Group China

The Enemy is Us
William Overholt, Senior Fellow, Harvard University Asia Center

China’s reserve plan sharpens Beijing policy dilemma
Marsha Vande Berg, Fellow, PIFS, Harvard Law School


Capital Markets: Access and Volatility
James Angel, Ph.D., CFA, Georgetown University

Embracing “Great Leap Forward” Development in China’s Capital Market
CHEN You’an, Executive CP, Central Huijin Investments and Chairman, China Galaxy Financial Holdings

Zhongzheng Chen, Professor of Nankai University, Dean of China Fortune Economic Research College

The Impact of Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions on the Economies of China and the U.S.
Mark Slaughter, Head of Asia Pacific Corporate and Investment Banking, Citi