2013 China-U.S. Concept Papers and Presentations

Concept Papers

RMB Internationalisation: RMB going global 
Apratim Chakravarty, Managing Director, Head of Offshore Asian Product Distribution, HSBC

Four Areas For Near Term Action to Make Shanghai A Global Financial Center for Asset Management
Christopher P. Wells, Bingham Consulting, Shanghai/Bingham McCutchen Beijing
Satoru Murase, Bingham McCutchen

RMB Internationalization: Steps and Opportunities 
Mao Changqing, CITIC Securities

Comparison on Shadow Banking Systems of China and the U.S.
Zhu Yan, CITIC Securities

Recent Development of Capital Markets and SME Financing in China and the U.S.
Mao Changqing, CITIC Securities

Global Capital Markets, Sectors, and Trends
Deloitte China Research and Insight Centre

SME Financing through Securitizations in China: Global Perspectives
Jian Hu, Managing Director, Moody’s Investors Service

Issues and Problems on China’s Debt Capital Market
Gao Jian, Chairman, CDB Securities and Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Harvard University

A Chinese Trilemma
Arthur Kroeber, Managing Director, Gavekal Dragonomics

Shadow Banking in China: Expanding Scale, Evolving Structure
Cindy Li, Country Manager, Banking Supervision & Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Recent Developments in China’s Financial Markets and Improving Access for SMEs
David Loevinger, Managing Director for Asian Economics and Investment Strategy, Trust Company of the West (TCW), and Frances Hu


Sino-US Capital Flow: Current Status and Future Potential
Zhang Lanlan, Chief Executive Officer, CICC US Securities, Inc.

Internationalization of the RMB: Steps and Timing
Steven Barnett, Division Chief, Asia and Pacific Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF)