2008 China-U.S. Concept Papers

International Monetary System and Global Economic Imbalance
Zhu Danato, Development Research Center, the State Council

Go Deep Into the Nature of the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis
Huang Haizhou, Head of S&T Department, Managing Director, China International Capital Corporation Limited

Economic Analysis of China’s Individual Housing Loan Market
Xu Jianbin and Pei Changhui, Institute of Finance and Trade Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

What a Difference A Year Makes
Richard Kramlich

A Note of Financial Repression in China
Nicholas R. Lardy

Reducing Systemic Risks to China’s Financial System through Greater Legal and Regulatory Certainty
Keith Noyes

Pitfalls in a Post-Bubble World
Stephen S. Roach, Chairman at Morgan Stanley Asia

Turmoil in the Financial Markets
Marsha Vande Berg

Financial Structure and Economic Growth
Liu Xiangmin

Impact of Wenchuan’s Post-Earthquake Reconstruction on China’s Inflation and the Countermeasure of RMB Appreciation
Chen Xuebin, Xu Mingdong, Li Shigang, and Liu Mingxue, Financial Institute of Fudan University