2007 China-U.S. Concept Papers

China’s Balance of International Payments and its Reforms on the Foreign Exchange Reserve Management System
Pei Changhong, Institute of Finance and Trade Economics of CASS

Chinese Exchange-Traded Futures and Options Markets
Warren Gorlick, Senior Special Counsel, Office of International Affairs, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Review of China’s Financial Reform and Advice on Accelerating the Establishment of Deposit Insurance System
Wei Jianing, Macroeconomic Research Department, DRC of the State Council

Financial Change in China and the United States
Ha Jiming, Chief Economist, CICC

On the Need to Regulate the Hedge Fund Industry
Dr. Fang Jin, Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Development Research Center of the State Council of PRC

Pension Reform and Implicit Pension Debt in China
Jia Kang, Zhang Xiaoyun, Wang Min and Duan Xuezhong, Institute of Fiscal Science, MOF

Disseminating Best Practices for VC Boards Through Director Education – a Model to Accelerate the Growth of China’s Entrepreneurial Sector
Pascal Levensohn, Managing Director, Levensohn Venture Partners

Diffusion of Products: A Study of Diffusion of Credit Cards in Specific Developed and Developing Countries
Muhammad Naveed, Experienced Commercial Leadership Program, GE Consumer Finance

Impact of Regulatory Controls on China’s Consumer Credit Market
David Stoughton, Senior Vice President, Senior Card Marketing Product Executive